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Briefing about the project

The Invest in People (IP) project seeks to provide micro financial support, top-notch-business training, and also technical assistance in scaling up the petty business of Cameroonians. IP project targets the underserved Cameroonian youths who cannot easily attract support from ‘big’ individuals and corporate funding agencies. We are inspired by several factors but most especially with the understanding that in Cameroon, many persons need only very modest financial support to venture into something meaningful that can put food on their table and grow bigger than we can imagine. Unfortunately, such persons hardly have such support and as if that is not enough, even when they do get the support, they lack the adequate technical capacity to scale up to a more organized and lucrative venture.   To that end, through our pioneering program, every 10 weeks we intend to provide micro financial support, top-notch business training, and free business consultant services to all qualified applicants.  If you have an idea and you are confident that it aligns with the above, please kindly read the eligibilities and apply. We shall be happy to be part of your success story.


  • Application should be filled only in English Language
  • Must be a permanent resident of any of the following towns

         (A)Buea  (B)Limbe (C)Yaoundé

  • Must be a Cameroonian
  • Age 18 -40years open for both male and female
  • Should have, and passionate about an income generating idea the micro support will give life to or add more meaning to it
  • Amount: Min 10.000XAF Max. 100.000XAF
  • No academic qualification required

Each applicant can apply just once

Deadline: November 15, 2021

    First Name

    Last Name


    Marital Status

    A-Business/Project Idea Detailing

    1a. Have you been into any business within the last 2 years?

    2b. If YES what kind of business and please describe

    2a. Do you currently operate any business?

    2b. If YES what kind of business and please describe (Max. 50Words)

    3a. Please, briefly describe the income-generating idea you need the micro support to execute (250words)

    3b. Please at what stage is the income-generating idea described above?

    3c. Does the income-generating idea described above require more than the maximum seed fund 100.000XAF?

    3d. If Yes, what is the cost of the entire income-generating idea and how do you intend to raise the amount exceeded? (50words)

    3e. If No, please state the amount needed to execute the above-described income-generating Idea. (Figures and words)

    4. Do you have anything you would love to tell us? (75words)

    5. Please kindly submit a summary budget for your income-generating idea below (or image)