About Us

Your Support Can Change the Life of a Child

When you sponsor a child, you’re helping to empower them to become better leaders and change makers in their communities. Too many youths right now in Cameroon are not getting the opportunity their full potential. Your sponsorship will open a door of possibility for them.

How Sponsorship Works

The Skills and Talent Arena A.K.A(STA), is a Cameroon registered charity organization offering supporters the opportunity to empower vulnerable youths and making them leaders in their communities.

When you  sponsor one of our deserving youths, you’re helping to support them to learn, grow, and achieve their potentials. Your monthly support could help keep one  ours in school, pursue a talent and develop it to full potentials or start up a small business to support themselves. Ultimately helping STA ensure that all children regardless of whether they have a sponsor are being empowered in some way.

When you chose to sponsor a child, you can consider things like the age, gender of the child. Once matched, you’ll receive a welcome kit that includes more information about your sponsored child, including a photo and information about how you’re changing lives in your sponsorship community.

As you watch your ongoing support work to transform the life of your child, you’ll continue to get updates on how your sponsorship is making an incredible difference.

What You Receive When You Sponsor a Child:

What Your Sponsored Child Receives:

We need your help to empower vulnerable youths and make them self Reliant in their communities